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At one time, owning a website was optional for a business owner. Today, it’s a necessity. With over 67 Billion people on the Internet and thousands of websites being launched daily, a business needs to stand out from the crowd of competition. In order to accomplish this, you must have an effective marketing strategy. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the most powerful marketing strategy that will not only give your web presence a major boost; it will attract your target audience and drive them to your website.

At Spintz , we have a team of SEO consultants, analysts, and experts who, equipped with their knowledge and experience, offer you the finest suggestion for promoting your client’s business worldwide. Once we handle your project we ensure that the structure of a website encourages proper navigation by the search engine robots and maximizes the position and popularity of a website.

Because our SEO service experts have a comprehensive approach to Search Engine Optimization, we deliver successful strategies that take into consideration all aspects of your client’s business goals. Our SEO experts’ team is made up of web designers, consultants, as well as programmers who are all experienced SEO Specialists.

We start with structuring the level of your website so that it is listed above that of your competitors and that helps you get more visitors. What gives us our stand is incorporation of some of the latest technology and techniques to ensure rankings for keywords that help you reach your marketing objectives.

We offer the following SEO Services:

  • Detailed Site analysis.
  • Attractive keyword suggestions and marketplace study.
  • Title tag and Meta keyword and description optimization.
  • Subject based link campaign.
  • Social Media Optimization.
  • Affiliate Marketing solutions, guidelines and suggestions.
  • Google XML sitemap creation and implementation.
  • Link Building Campaigns.
  • Directory and Search Engine Submission.
Benefits of SEO, the Spintz way:

  • Increase in targeted on-line traffic.
  • Better web site positioning.
  • Dominate in competition with your mirror sites.
  • Fast measurable ROI.
  • Increased and boosted product sales and online visibility.
  • Lower client acquisition costs.
Broaden web-marketing share.