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Testing is an integral part of Software development and plays a vital role in the delivery of quality products. Spintz believes that to ensure quality, it is not only necessary to rectify bugs but also essential to locate the root cause for such occurrences. This helps in the prevention of bugs in the early stages of the testing cycle.

Spintz has implemented a planned and systematic approach to the adherence to software product standards, processes and procedures and to the evaluation of quality. We have defined internal standards for documentation, design and code. Procedures have been defined for activities such as configuration management, nonconformance reporting and corrective action, testing, code walkthroughs and formal project inspections. In addition, a system of audits has been instituted for process monitoring.

Spintz’s software testing primarily verifies correctness, completeness, security and quality. Our testing approach begins with unit tests created by our developers that are later integrated into the regression tests. Our dedicated testers design test cases and suites, perform automated and manual tests as per the test suites, and document results appropriately. If desired by the client, this group can be independent of the development group and an appropriate combination of white box and black box testing may be specified. Testing may include load testing, performance testing and stress testing.

Testing resources from Spintz are equipped to handle both manual testing using test plans/test cases and automated testing using tools. They fully understand the need for rigorous testing from offshore and that has helped Spintz deliver quality products for its customers time and again.

Spintz has extensive experience in automating the test scenarios and cases, for better regression testing.

Spintz’s outsourced product testing services provides you an extended testing team of high caliber in manual and automated testing. This enhances your efforts of developing a quality product quickly. Involvement of this extended testing team right through the development lifecycle enables you to meet the complete requirements of your product.