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Spintz has the proven expertise and over 9years of experience in developing products

Spintz specializes in defining and implementing prudent offshore outsourcing strategies for software product companies enabling them to achieve sustainable differential advantage and making their business plans feasible for worldwide markets.

The team at Spintz , acts as your own design and development teams, and is constituted with high quality resources possessing functional and required technical competencies. The challenge for companies that build and market application products is to translate their technology leadership and vision to features and functionality that bring value to end-customers. Our product development lifecycle and methodologies, evolved by us starting off as a product company since our inception in 2005 and subsequently becoming a Product services company since 2008, has helped accelerate the product engineering and product management cycles.

We understand that an offshoot of this product development life cycle is that all requirements can never be completely fulfilled in a particular version. Most product companies therefore plan multiple product versions for their product. While product teams must focus on developing the best product for the current release, they must not lose sight of the fact that there will be more versions to come. Every team member on the product development team must not only have a clear idea of the product for the current release but also have an overall vision of the product direction. Every team member must contribute not only to building the features for the current release but must also contribute enhancements and provide feedback for future releases of the product. Spintz has built a product development culture during these sixteen years. Spintz’s understanding of the product development lifecycle helps it to be successful in this difficult market.