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Product Support & Maintenance Services: Providing Responsive Customer Support

In order to provide support for commercial grade products, software companies must create dedicated product support teams that can quickly respond to a customer's situation and deliver comprehensive product support solutions. Spintz enables its clients to focus primarily on their core initiatives by providing reliable, high-quality product support and product maintenance services to their end customers.

Our Product Support & Maintenance Service Offering

Spintz's extended product support infrastructure was specifically developed for software companies, and our product support team is a combination of domain and technology expertise. We deliver product support and maintenance services in the following ways:

24x7 Product Support & Maintenance

  • Early product support and maintenance planning
  • Toll-free telephone product support
  • Premier enhanced application management
  • Expertise in legacy application maintenance, software product maintenance, database and data warehouse support, and website and ecommerce maintenance
Level II and III Product Support

  • Remote and on-site product support
  • Reactive and proactive product support
  • Response time driven product support
  • Troubleshooting and continuing product maintenance
  • Maintenance and support for legacy application, software products, databases and data warehouses
Network Management and Support

  • Seamless integration between servers, systems and supporting network infrastructures
  • Broad array of network management services
    • Systems & network architecture and support planning
    • 24/7 telephone network support
    • On-site network management personne
    • Network monitoring and management services