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Software Services Delivery at Spintz

Spintz delivers Software Services on following three engagement models

Fixed Price/ Project cost model : This model is applicable when scope of work with complete delivery plan has been already defined by customer and has limited or fixed budget. Based on project estimate, Spintz staff the complete pyramid of project team with best talents and deliver the project in estimated time and effort at customer's site or at Spintz facility.

T&M Model : This model is applicable in case of onsite development whenSpintz consultants and professionals work with customer's project delivery team and T&M model and deliver project. Spintz Infotech is one of the strong leaders in this sapce and executing many T&M assignments worldwide on various technology and skills in ERP, CRM, DW, Microsoft, JAVA, Testing, DBMS, Infrastructure support and Technical services and many others.

Risk and Reward Model : This model is applicable in case of product development and on principle of contingency model whereSpintz's partner desires to execute product withSpintz team on co-development model.Spintz often takes up innovative and challenging project on this model and build a long lasting relationship with partner on mutual benefit.