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    Business Model

    Spintz delivers Software Services on following three engagement models
    Fixed Price/ Project cost model : This model is applicable when scope
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    IT Outsourcing @ Spintz

    Spintz offers a full range of software outsourcing services from end-to-end development of new
    software and web solutions to re-engineering and enhancement of legacy applications.
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    E-commerce Applications

    Spintz designs and develops e-commerce solutions
    and websites aimed at converting your client’s
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    An ideal environment compels an individual
    to focus all his efforts towards achieving excellence.


Spintz Infotech is an Innovative, Leading-edge BPO and IT Solutions Provider. We are proud of our rapidly expanding global presence and hard working reputation as an industry leader offering exemplary best -in-class services to our Fortune 1000 clients in the Integrated Health, Insurance, Manufacturing and Automotive domains.

Vision & Mission

To clearly reflect our core philosophy of traditional values, progressive ideas and positive result-oriented action in our day to day operations ,project implementations and industry interactions

To keep our slogan “eNhancing Customer eXperience” as the ultimate driving force in all corporate activities

Our Culture

Spintz’s culture reflects the solid ethics and principles of the most established, respected IT and BPO companies worldwide. We are committed to accuracy, honesty, clear vision, superior solution driven outcomes, delivering on our promises and providing quality service with a smile.

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Custom Software Services

Spintz delivers cost-effective, flexible and very complex applications, which can be used from any platform, and can be designed using Client Server Applications. Mature tool developers can develop highly efficient, highly usable interfaces, which run much faster, through Client Server Applications. Custom software applications developed using structured methodologies, at a reasonable price reduces complexity and risk making Client/Server applications attractive.

We will help you develop customized software applications and assist you throughout the entire Software Development Life Cycle,

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Spintz designs and develops e-commerce solutions and websites aimed at converting your client’s casual browsers and visitors into actual customers. The plans offered by us in this area are strategically planned and include features like functional designing, database configurations, creative and innovative ranges of graphic designs, payment interfaces and gateway integration, virtual shopping carts and hosting implementation.

Today, web site development is a complex process that includes web site design (or redesign), application integration,

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To get the most from the web you must have a website that lives and breathes your brand and the message you wish to communicate. With experience and skill, Spintz can combine the correct web design elements to produce the much needed synergy between design and functionality. At every step we focus on your goals, and how best to achieve them through cutting edge technology, design and development.

A design component of website development includes

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Product Engineering

Product Engineering Services: Understanding and matching the Market Call

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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance & Independent Verification Services: Increasing Product Quality

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Product Support

Product Support & Maintenance Services: Providing Responsive Customer Support

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Engagement Models

Spintz engagement Models its clients in various flexible ways using our refined engagement ..

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Spintz Infotech is a technology centric organization continuously endeavoring to update skills on the latest technologies. This has helped companies to build products which are future proof. It has separate teams which specialize on various technology practices including

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